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fter you complete and return the Client Case History Form, submit your payment and return a signed Client Contract we are ready to roll. We will schedule your *in-home or phone consultation, where we will discuss in detail the needs of your family, some basic sleep education and appropriate bedtime routines that can be implemented immediately. Together we will develop a gentle sleep plan that you and your family will begin following on an agreed upon start date. Once the sleep training process begins, we will schedule follow up phone calls and emails for support and guidance. If extra support is needed beyond the amount included in your package plan, than additional follow-up calls can be purchased.

Your commitment and ability to stay consistent during sleep training is key to success and ease for your child, as this is what makes the Gentle Sleep Coach method most successful. I will guide you during this process with follow-up support where I will review sleep logs, answer questions, tackle problems or concerns and adjust your sleep plan accordingly.

15 minutes free consultation
to assess your sleep plan needs.

Snug Consulting offers In-Home and Night Support services in the Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Hamilton & Mississauga area.
Travel expenses may apply. The ability to work with you remotely is always an option and equally as successful.

Snug Consulting Packages

Each Snug consulting package includes:
* 1.5 hour *In-Home consultation, Skype, Phone or Face-time also available.
* Customized sleep plan that will utilize Gentle Sleep Strategies and meet individual family dynamics and needs.
* Ongoing support follow-up phone calls (15 minutes each), emails and sleep logs. This time provides opportunity to tweak your individual sleep plan as it is in progress, and is paramount to the overall success of sleep coaching.
* Education and informed choice to better coach families throughout the process.
* A detailed Sleep Questionnaire to develop a solid understanding of your child’s sleep issues, sleep environment, routines, schedules and your overall goals to be achieved through sleep coaching.

  • PACKAGE #1:

    $245 / all inclusive

    1 Week Support
    1.5 Hour Consultation
    Customized Sleep Plan
    3 Follow-Up Phone Calls (15 mins each)
    Daily Email/Text Support (up to 7 total for the week)
  • PACKAGE #2:

    $370 / all inclusive

    2 Weeks Support
    1.5 Hour Consultation
    Customized Sleep Plan
    7 Follow-Up Phone Calls (15 mins each)
    Daily Email/Text Support (up to 14 total)

Package Add Ons

Includes 4 phone calls (15min ea.) plus daily email (7 total for the week)

Book Add On with Pkg

Need help with more than one of your children? No problem additional fee is minimal when implementing the coaching process simultaneously.
$125 / per child per service

Book Add On with Pkg 1 or 2
  • PACKAGE #3:

    $150 / ½ Night

    ½ Night of support (6:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m.) This is personal *In-Home support in addition to your preferred consulting package.
  • PACKAGE #4:

    $375 / Full Night

    Full Night of support (6:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m.) This is personal *In-Home support in addition to your preferred consulting package.

Planning Packages

Gentle Sleep Shaping
Are you an exhausted parent of a 4-5 month old? It is very common for parents of babies this age to wonder “What happened”? Babies this age go through a significant developmental milestone that disrupts eating, mood, and previously established sleep patterns. Parents often find themselves doing whatever it takes to get their little one to sleep.

  • PACKAGE #5:

    $125 / per scheduled consultation

    (invite friend(s) to attend for an additional $25 PP)

    1.5 Hour Consultation
    Information package complete with helpful sleep tips and commonly asked questions & answers
    Preparation tools for healthy sleep hygiene for your baby
    *All In-Home Consultations and packages are at the discretion of Kristine Quilitz based on distance, travel times and location. All efforts will be made to offer in-home services, however travel expenses may apply.
  • PACKAGE #6:


    1 email describing the parenting issue or concern
    1 30 minute scheduled phone parenting session
    1 parenting plan (to address 1 concern/topic) in follow-up email
    I have been helping guide, teach and raise children for over 20 years as a Registered Early Childhood Educator and Montessori teacher. Education, toilet training, re-directing and managing negative behaviour and kindergarten preparation are all topics I am confidently able to assist struggling families with. As a full time working Mom with two daughters, I understand the pressures and the importance of tackling pre-school problems as they arise. If you require some assistance with a parenting issue, please feel free to email me with details. We can schedule a phone parenting coaching session and together come up with a solution and plan.